Sunday, September 30, 2012

Partying & my fav thing of going out (makeup)!

Last night we went out to a friends birthday. It was a house party. Emrhubby went all out... Haha he bought his friend of 10 years this...

Haha yea, needless to say everyone thought it was funny. This is his friend's long standing nickname, dont ask but you can probably make up your own conclusion that is close enough.

One thing I love about goin out is the drinking getting ready, it's almost the beat part. Aside from seeing veryone, laughing and being engrossed in conversation that is much more amusing than it should be. But getting ready is definatly one of my fav things. I love makeup, I once was a cosmetician before I got pregnant with emrtot. Anyway this was hair and makeup last night. 

Smokey eye, deep purple, eye liner top & bottom. I use Smashbox makeup and BB Cream as skin brightener. Im getting myself some eye lid primer and really nice one, Im excited (perhaps I will update on that when I get it).
Then my hair was all done with my Straightener and into loose waves. I love having my long hair back, before when I met Emrhubby my hair was short to just below the ear!! Emrhubby says he liked it but you can tell by coments like this 'i love your long hair' that I should never cut it off again.
Last night I wore, wrangler jeans (my fancy ones), Tank top and pink sweater that has a lace back (sorry didnt think to take a pic of the outfit!)

Kay gonna go go eat breaky now!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The day he changed his mind.

The hot air of the day was starting to cool off. The lake was perfect, smooth. Nothing could disturb the setting sun and the reflection it cast off the water. It was a quiet evening. Hardly any cars and I remember the lead up perfectly...
We stopped to let the dogs out. First stopping right off the side of the road but he pulled up further towards the lake where people dropped off their boats. I pulled the dogs from the back of the truck and walked them towards the water. Our Yellow lab went in for a swim. She drank and lapped at the water and I picked up a stick about to throw it for her. He yelled for me not to, not to make the dogs too wet. That's when I heard the sound of a car revving.
Now, everytime I hear that sound I cringe. I hear the loud crash of metal snapping, tires blowing and glass shattering across cement. I hear this even of that part never comes. All because I was there one day when it did.
I looked up to see this black car fly around the corner and then that death shattering noise as it collided with a telephone pole, a parked car and at the end of it's last stop an iron boat extractor, that did not budge, but formed the car around it.
My breath stopped momentarily. Then I screamed for him. My husband. These people were im trouble. He grabbed gloves from his door and ran.
He ran to the car and I watched a girl stumble towards me. Her long brown hair strewn, her timy frame wrapped in bruising, scrapes and tinges of blood. She wore only a bathing suit.
At first I was confused. I thought maybe she had been near the car. But she clung to me. Crying. And her voice shakingly repeated the same haunting sentence, "i was screaming at them to stop... They wouldn't let me out. I was screaming at them to stop..."
As i sat her down away from the mangled car, i quickly realized she'd been in the car and had climbed from the wreckage in nothing but a bikini. Her shoes had been thrown from her feet.
There I looked up as I let her cry on my shoulder. He was standing over the boy, angled into the new convertable top that was exposed.
I heard this odd sound. A low groaning grunt. It was unfamilar. No, it was horrid. Unnatural. That boy was not okay. He was holding his neck up, pinching his collar bone.  He moved to the driver. Slumped over and unconcious. He pressed a hand to him an he woke. Then I heard the driver start yelling at him, "dont touch me! Fuck, my car! My car!"
He walked towards me and when he did fully reach me, he pulled me from the girl, "dont look at that car, dont go near that car..."
I was a bit blurry eyed and I moved towards the girl, "why? Are they ok?"
 He pulled my hand and stopped me, "no. That boy is dead. Dont go over there. Do you understand?"
I nodded and he left me with her to tend back to the driver. Who was slumped from his car and uttering anger.
I remember that moment so clearly as he returned to the car. There were now onlookers and one was yelling, "thats why i dont drive small cars, fuck this is stupid!" he kept yelling. Shouting this outloud. He stopped after looking over the driver and stood, "you need to stop, man. These kids arn't okay!"
The man stopped. Backed away and stood to the side. More by standers collected over the half hour it took to get fire there. When they showed they left him in charge, " you know more than us. Were just volunteer."
It was 45 minutes till ambulance & police showed up. The victims were airlifted to vamcouver hospital. And all the while I stared out across a quiet, soft day. How could something like this happen right in front of me...
After all this, he walked to me, "are you okay?"
I nod. Its done. What more is there? He's stripping the bloody gloves and Im watching him. So calm. Collected. This man is something I have never witnessed. He is strong. Caring. More than what he thinks he is. Capable. Smart. And yet he's a bus driver... A cushy carreer in theroy, but this carreer gives nothing back to him. It strips him of these qualities.demeans his true abilities. Sets him back, alone and unable to help others.
It wasn't till months after that he came to me and said he'd been thinking of his original dream again. That he'd found his motivation. He needed to be a paramedic and though he had no idea at the time of how he'd do it. He said he would. I said I would. I wanted to stand beside that same brave, caring and gentle man I had witnessed months before. Even as that boy slipped away in his arms, I know he tried all he could at the time. He now knows he did do all he could. The boy had been in cardic arrest. Internal hemorranging and crushes pelvis and femers. He said he remebered examing him and his
hips moved similar to how tony rocks would in a bag. He told me on sceen he was gone. He looks back and knows he was gone.
I look back and see how fast life can change. How in a blink of an eye you are a living breathing person then nothing but bloody skin and broken bones.
This life can be taken away in an instant. That is why we must cherish it. Love. Laugh & stay together. to keep the good and rid the bad. To do what we dream and never settle for less. And most of all be happy. Cause forever is a long time unhappy.

I look back and see that photo of the sunset. How calm that evening was. The winds never picked up like they usually do. Maybe it was that boy saying good bye....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Late Night Arrival.

Last Night we got home at about 1.30 am... *yawn*
drove from 150 mile house back to the lower mainland. Emrhubby almost got a deer. It was dusk and I found a buck but he was only a 2-point and a muley. We needed a white tail buck, any point. Emrhubby got over it haha, but he was on a bit of witch hunt most of the evening for this buck.
He did get a duck the day before, that made him happy.

Well, I guess the main thing that's on my mind now that camping is over and this thought became very present as half our trip was spent in the 30's and end was spent in 15' weather with 3-4' at night... and that would be FALL! and more importantly, it's time to dig up Halloween and get ready to decorate. Slowly I will start to place Halloween decor around the house and hope emrhubby does not see it right away! He will COMPLAIN, such a halloween grouch!

I think my favourite ultimate favourite Fall memories are Home Improvement Halloween episodes! Yeah, you can deny it all you want, we all watched Tim Allen on Home Improvement and laughed. That show you can still briefly find on sometimes but this year it hasn't yet where we are. Luckily there's a beautiful thing called Youtube that has all my fav episodes. Those episodes sure put me in fall mode and the halloween spirit. Let's not forget Roseanne did some super awesome episodes of Halloween too! (oh and before I totally miss this one... It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) ahhhhh fall... I LOVEEE it!

our big halloween party is oct 26th, and I'm going to do some special stuff this year as it will be emrhubby's last time to party till school is done next year :)

Camping Blog #3

Blog #3 : sept 24 

Today we got out of Williams Lake and headed to 150 mile, where Emrhubby drove us up a back road for about 80km and found a private camp spot on a lake. Just to let you know, we dont pay for camping. Right now im writing this in our camper on my note pad on my phone, while wolves howl, owls hoot and something just got out of the lake (emrhubby is guessing moose) and its about 9 at night.  This is all happening around us right now... You can all think we're nuts but all i have to say is at least we're not sleeping in Tents!! Instead we have a very attractive 1980's camper that goes on the back of our truck. So stylin'. 

But hey for a warm, food coolin, stove cooking wprking camper with no leaks, its $250 price tag can't be beat! 
Soo here we are. Quite litterally middle of butt fudge no where, safe in our camper but man is it dark outside. The stars are amazing though. You've never seen stars like you do sitting in a camp chair, middle of no where, no city lights and just a simple sound of crickets and far off crys of wolves. 
You think a toddler and 3 month old baby would stop us but it never could.  Our kids and camping go hand in hand.  Their as happy here as they are at home. Though the camper to emrtot is like a second home. She's spent alot of time in it. Now BBJ will be too. He's lying next to me eating his hands.  Haha. 

Camping Blog #2

Blog #2: sept 22&23

Spent the morning after the photoshoot in Quesnel checking out the Pennicles. These are rock formations that were cut through mountains by Ice. This happened like 12 million years ago. That is my shortened version of the story (for warning). 

Then after we dodged cougar poop, bear poop, snakes & other tourists we headed down to Williams Lake so I could do another shoot. But we took a back road (i like that song 'take the back road'- you know 'put a little gravel in my travel') anyway, we PICKED our own corn and man is that corn good! They only wanted $4 for 12 corns. I couldn't believe it. Emrhubby laughs at me cause I'm still a country girl in training and he was born in the middle of the boonies! 
Im getting there though!

Camping Blog #1

Blog #1 Camping: sept 20&21

We spent 2 days in Cache Creek. Well it was more like a day and half but we still did. Cache Creek is a dessert and has alot of wildlife.

Emrhubby (to some of your unliking) is a hunter. But he's very respectful of nature. He's had multiple opporunities to poche and has NEVER done so. This trip we had a Doe Mule deer hanging out in the same area as us. She came about 10 feet to us during the day, even walked towards us! 
But the point is Emrhubby would never shoot spmething he didnt have the right to. That being said, he sure tries to get the stuff he can! 
We're off to Quesnel this morning where I have a photoshoot in the evening...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes, I'll give up everything for him.

lately, as all our friends and family finds out about EMRhubby and his Paramedic school, they also figure out that we will be moving. we don't currently have a time frame for moving but it will be sooner, rather than later. there's a few reason's for this a) he can get full time work b) we purposely decided to make this life change so we could move as we aren't city people AT ALL c) EMRhubby has wanted to be a paramedic since he was a kid and since his current job is quickly turning into a joke, he needed to decide and commit to what he's always brought up but never acted on.
With people's acknowledgement to his new career comes this new comment... "so, you're going to give up everything you've built and worked so hard for so he can do whatever he wants?" this comment has become so popular, i had to write this blog on it. And here's my answer to that...

I don't need to feel like I'm giving up anything. Because everything I've done and worked so hard for isn't for nothing. my company will not dissolve unless I wish it. which it I don't. i'm able to adapt to a new city or province and still do what i do. i'm not giving up anything. i'm giving my family a better life. i'm making my husband happy and giving my kids a quiet and family orientated life. their going to be proud of their father and they'll grow up safe and happy. to me, it seems silly to stay in a place that makes us unhappy and doesn't allow us to grow as a family. most of all, i committed to a man long ago that I would do anything for him, all I could for him and support him. having a husband that hates his work and is constantly angry about having to go to work... how does it make ANY SENSE to not? i've never seen my husband so happy to work so hard towards something, for as long as I've known him. he has text books that weigh about 50 lbs all together and he reads them happily. 

so yes, to answer your question... I will give up everything for him. I'm prepared to be alone, and sometimes feel like a single mom. To deal with shift work and live in a different city. To know my husband is out there saving and helping people. I'll be proud of him. I know this is what we have to do and what we are meant to. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

we're going away.

we're going away from a week up into northern BC for a caping/vaca before the weather turns on us here. it's a very hot 29 today here though, so summer isn't letting up yet.
i have alot to talk about that happened the last couple days. i think one warrants it's own blog post so i will likely write that on our way up tomorrow in the truck.

otherwise, emrhubby got a date to do his EMR licensing registration & exam. which apparently usually takes 4-6 months to get a date but he got it for October 6th! he's going to do it, whether or not we shovel out $450 for the license will be up to BC Ambulance and if they want to hire him part time soon. he'd like to start working ASAP as he'll gain seniority number and all that. it will also get him out working and he'll get paid while doing his practicum for the Paramedic course!
we'll see how that works out in the next week or so...

you can also grab the blog button if your a fan, over there on the right hand side. with my silly little saying now that makes me smile for some reason. i'll roll with it for now... i'd love to put other's buttons on my site so let me know if you grab mine and i'll make sure to grab yours :)

to keep up to date with us on our trip you can check out my twitter @EMRwife and make sure to check back here for photos and a few other posts i have planned :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Found this, had to share...

Cause' oh man is it true :p

Emrhubby was at st. John ambulance tonight where he met a unit chief for bcas. He really wants to work for BC Ambulance, but I really want full time work right away which Alberta has... But we'll see what happens! Everything happens for a reason!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

using my dog..

tonight emrtot refused to be a model so i could try out a prop tomorrow for a shoot i made. so i forced employed our fat, yellow lab named Pinot (yes, pinot as in the wine) to do it instead. you can see this dog was meant to be in victoria's secret for dogs *cough*
okay, she's the worst model ever... but she fluffy and she'll kiss you. that counts right? 

emrtot refusing to take a photo. bubbles are WAY cooler mom, get with it already... 

oi you know when you want to forget...

so i survived the party. in fact, i drank a bit too much and apparently everyone became my friend... my shameless drunk problem, i'm too happy and friendly when i'm drunk. so of course today i wake up to 6 inbox messages on facebook and a bunch of new friend requests. all accepted by this point. and no, i wasn't that drunk... emrhubby picked me up from the party last night with his friend. big black boots and all that.... okay, that point was pretty relevant but those boots are sexy. and okay, i was pretty drunk. don't you hate getting drunk, then the next morning you're totally regretting even drinking anything...? no maybe i'm just a party too harder type of girl haha... oi...

luckily, a trail ride on your 3 year old horse who decides to jump over 6 inch barricades the whole ride (which she could step over)...well, that will get you sobered up FAST. that's all i have to say.

then when i got home from the trail ride, emrhubby was studying and describing parts of the body to me on levels i really wish NOT to know about. all i wanted to do was eat spaghetti squash and drink alot of water (it was hot trail ride, almost 26 out today - lilly was a sweaty monster).

that's her getting a bath after the ride. haha she likes water on her face (weirdo horse) the bigger question is, what kind of horse let's people spray their face with a hose?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Am i really about to do this...

Am i really about to go to a party that a girl that use to talk smack about me is hosting?....
Uh thats a yes. why may you ask? Cause this girl since my wedding has been sucking my behind. Im not sure why. Perhaps since I married emrhubby she knows imnot going anywhere. All i know is, when im drunk i should never answer questions... Questions that invovle parties held by girls that think its cute to smooze over men and hit on everything thats married. Maybe im going cause i want to show these bitches im not afraid. Either way, im not a flake so im going to go.
I think though my biggest thing here is the fact that i believe in people. Believe people can change and yes, i did look good in my wedding dress :p maybe she never thought i could look prettier than her *cough* - i know im a bit mean. But this girl is mean...

Sometimes you just wonder...

Sometimes you just wonder if sone things are just meant to be. In my last post I explained that Emrhubby had picked up his textbook for cheap off amazon. This used book has no tearing or highlighting! We paid $20 for it! But today at the academy the instructors told emrhubby he needed the canadian inserts. Last night he had just learnt that he needed these canadian inserts... After ordering the textbook a week ago. Well, all last night he searched for this insert. But all he could find was it doubled with the textbook. Anywhere from $175-400. He just punched it in tonight and one copy if the canadian insert pops up on amazon!!! For $8!!
That's when you know things are meant to be. Seriously.

Friday, September 14, 2012

back to school!

well, it's done. all $4,280 of tuition for the paramedic academy was paid for today. Emrhubby got his pre-reading material and his textbook in the mail, which apparently does not have the "canadian" insert so he might need to buy the entire textbook again (we got that one for $20 on amazon used). The new ones with the inserts are $175-400 on the internet. let's hope for the lesser.
anyway, we were out since 11.30 this morning. we went to the states to pick up the textbook, we get everything shipped across the boarder as it's cheaper. then we went and headed to emrhubby's mom work where she gave us some money to help with the schooling. then she took emrtot since she was done work and we headed to the academy with bbj. once there the secretary was putting students photos on their student cards. she printed emrhubby off a pre-read book and helped us get all our money together as we waited the new class of paramedic's got out. some of them were waiting for their student id's. emrhubby knew one of them from his last course and he talked to him for a bit while we waited for the pre-read book. once the paramedic's saw bbj they all began to analyze my baby and how big he was so if he needed medical attention how they would proceed. i found it mildly amusing but then told them my baby was fine, thanks. haha.
it was a bit weird to be surrounded by so many people that were going to be paramedics soon. kinda like standing in a room with a few cops, i just look at them like 'you're not going to have a normal job, you're saving people and might be their last chance.' i also felt a bit out of place. they all had on their big black boots like emrhubby and black pants with the stethoscopes in their pockets and dress shirts with patches. i had on skinny jeans, flipflops and a flowy top i bought at H&M awhile ago. oh, and let's not forget my very big pink sunglasses. yep, i fit right in with all those paramedics.
now, i'm listening to paramedic protocols from emrhubby's laptop as he sits across from me on the couch. i guess we had a few weeks off and now it's back to school time!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

tomorrow is d-day. or pay-day for someone else...

been a day or so (i know). anyway, our monday deadline for the paramedic academy got pushed to tomorrow. so tomorrow, we will walk in and give them the money. we're still out $340. I have people owing me money let, right and center. seriously. i've been selling a BUNCH of my old horse gear i don't use anymore. anyway, of course that won't be happening till next week for that since half of it i'm selling to people up north when we go up there.

so - i have alot of money i am making/ owing to me so i'm hoping tonight some of that will come through and Emrhubby will be good to go! and get all his pre-reading. in the meantime i will spend the next 6 months thinking of ways i can make alot of money using one of my talents. (my only talents are art related things) I am so bad at any type of math or science. my brain is horrible in science for turning to 'graphic' on me. that maybe the creative part of my brain haunting me. i can turn any graphic picture into a burned image in my head. i can also turn any thing said or read to me into a graphic picture in my head. which is why i can't watch any type of mutilating human horror movies. i can do supernatural ghosts and hauntings but no gruesome horrors. like i said, it becomes ingrained in my head.

anyway, we are very excited to pay the rest of the school tomorrow. i'm especially excited to see Emrhubby go to school next month for something he really wants to do!

emrtot and the girl i watch twice a week. her mom goes on mat leave in january so i will have to figure out a way to replace that fixed income. i have a few months to do so! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last night I watche the 9/11 shows. Every show opened with that plane hitting the second tower. As the nught went on I started to get a but depressed or could feel myself getting down. I still remeber the day it happened. I remember coming home and watching the footage over and over. People jumping. That was the hardest. It still gets me. Ten years ago I was 12. I cant believe its been ten years as it seems like yesterday. Today I have been reading blogs from alot of first responder wives i follow. Once again making me feel numb to it. Thinking of all the families it affected and how it always will forever. The world will never forget.

Memorial day parade for 9/11 in vancouver this morning (not my photo)

In the morning Im weird.

Emrhubby is mad at me this morning. He woke up and wanted to *cough cough* and im so paranoid cause the door dosnt lock and the bed is so squeaky so downstairs you can hear every single little creak... So, of course being classical me as his mom is downstairs with the kids... I cant do anything. It basically feels like someone is trying to pull my teeth out. He's all upset now. Ignoring me and all that, likely wont get over it for a couple hours. I know I should get over these things but Im a total weirdo and cant. At night, no one is downstairs when the house is empty... No one is downstairs.
I know I probably have hugely dumb complexes... If you have a suggestion for not being so wound up about these thungs let me know. At that point I already felta bad that she was watchingbthe kids all morning for us to sleep in... Ugh.

Monday, September 10, 2012

not alot of time...

emrhubby has been gone for 4.5 hours. he's at the st.john ambulance thing they have every monday. i guess they go over training and practice some stuff. last time he was about 3 hours but it's super late and i have a toddler that keeps asking where her dad is... i guess i could put her to bed. but she's being good and had a really late nap. we dont have strict scheduling in our house. we just play it by ear, sometimes she's in bed by 8pm sometimes 10.30pm. that might sound horrible to some but it works for us. we also don't have a nightmare tot. emrtot is a pretty good, easy going kid - plus she really wants to see her dad. he was out most of the day and only saw her about an hour and bit today in total.

(emrhubby after he got up and went to the take bottles back and decided to clean his boots)

i suppose we all should get used to this not seeing him thing. when we starts school on october 29th, i have a feeling i will become a married-single mom. and if i'm being frank, i could not be a single mom. i would suck BAD at it. one, i would go crazy ... two, being alone - gives me a weird feeling. three that means something awful as i know whatever me and emrhubby go through we will get through it and divorce is not only not fair on kids but it makes people go weird. (well, at least one ends up going weird)

my parents are a good example of this. of course my mother made my dad sleep in the closet because she hated his snoring... yea, she's what you call actually "crazy". emrhubby does not hold alot of respect for my mother... its sad but sometimes i really feel that she thinks we'll break up and i'll come crying and wanting to live with her. that will NEVER happen. we lived with her for 6months before emrtot was born and then we bought our townhome but emrhubby couldn't stand living there anymore so we had to leave. she had broken up with her boyfriend (who is now her boyfriend now) and started to get really weird. yelling at us about crumbs on the counters and when emrhubby wasn't around she'd tell me all the things he does wrong - well, in her in her eyes. it was a nightmare and it felt like you were drowning... ugh... anyway, i believe emrhubby just got home, can hear the diesel truck outside and the dogs got up!

our weekend.

11 km trail ride on my fat, super out of shape horse.

emrtot & her cousin riding my fat, super out of shape horse.

BBJ in his mobile playpen dome (its the best thing ever)


emrhubby & emrtot swinging at our friends house.

emrtot co-operating for a photo. (for once)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday night bbqing..

Tonight was one if my besties birthdays. She turned 22, finally caught up to me haha . Shes exactly 6 months younger to the day! Emrhubby and i went over to her dads who was having a birthday party for her. Bbj slept through most of it, which gave us a break and me and jess just 'girl chatted' ( meaning i have no idea what we talked about for 6 hrs but we did).

Happy birthday jess, 12 years of friendship has gone by way too fast!

Emrhubby & emrtot above hanging out at the bbq :) and me below getting ready to bbq it up!

Heres hoping Bbj didnt sleep too much so he stays asleep for the night! hes almost been asleep for 5 hrs, i wanna a rest up tonight. Tomorrow someone is coming to look at our horsetrailer we have for sale and then Im taking lilly for a trail ride!

No buyers remorse.

It's a weird feeling to start a blog from scratch again. I have a fairly successful blog that I have run for  3 years. I remember when I first started it. I used to write and share alot of my feelings. Now I post photos from the weddings & portraits I shoot and I tell other people's stories. At some point between last year and this year I stopped laying it all out on the line there. Maybe I will get back to it one day but it started to feel like the wrong place to do it. That's my business and while I share some stories it focuses on my photography and what I create for people. My clients are my stories now. Their the ones that make that blog interesting and keep people coming back. That blog is how I get new clients and its a first impression for most of me.
Writing about emrhubby and our new family journey there seemed like a weird idea. So I started this blog and now my blog worlds all seem at peace again.
Here I feel I can say what I want. Lay it all out 'on the line'. That I struggle like everyone else. That other photographers drive me a tad insane. Our kids are cute and I love them, but having a new baby and toddler is a bit wearing sometimes. That emrhubby drives me crazy sometimes yet handing over 5500 dollars less than 12 hrs ago just felt right. It actually felt amazing - no buyers remorse invovled! And here, of all places...i can write, seeing him in his paramedic uniform felt... nice *cough* (he deserved a teeenney bit more attention than what i gave him in front of the receptionist).
so in hind sight, this blog has done alot for me so far and in a short amount of time too!

I vow never to not lay it all out here. Promise :P

Just like this day felt... No buyers remorse!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Paramedic academy update.

Well monday we will owe the paramedic academy $1480. From the original $5580. We also still need to get his text books... $271 (hoping less if we can fine them used). This has been alot of money to pull from THIN air. Quite litterally. Emr hubby bought $65 in new pamts for his uniform and the academy took all his sizes for shirts, jackets and oh yea, more shirts.
There's alot of money stress right now. We have alot of bills and not alot of money to pay them with. Emrhubby is off work as he was physically assulted about a month ago. Yeah, his current job is not fun and mostly because they are by themselves, no one else is there and they have no way out. Can you guess what he does yet?

Anyway, im hoping i can book some photo gigs this month (more like NEED to book some weddings for the 2013 season). Luckily this next wedding season i'll be more of a vetran to it. While i try to ignore all the dramas and attitudes photographers tend to have. Pain in my butt and need to get over themselves... But whatever.

As of last night, i will be the illistrator for my father in laws new childrens book called 'chirpy' ( not 100% on the spelling). So that should be fun. Back in the day I was going to be a comic book artist & illistrator, lets hope i still got it ha!

For the most part though our life seems to be working out. All will be okay and thats all we need to know and believe. You attract and brin to your life what you really want.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

emrhubby was right...

tuesday afternoon emrhubby's mom took the kids out while we went to see my horse. emrhubby stayed at the barn with the truck, while i decided to take my horse up and down the road quickly for a ride. he made some grumbles and when i asked him what his issue was, he said 'nothing, you just dont have a helmet on'.
firstly, emrhubby has never liked helmets but all of a sudden i should have my helmet on.
i shrugged and walked Lilly out to the road. she was acting a bit 'looky' but i ignored it. all the while - i kinda knew she'd do something. she's only 3 years old. anyway, i have doen this before, no issues. so of course, i'm going down the road. a huge dump truck drives by making a ton of noise. lilly does nothing.
then there's this cyclist. she stops. starts backing up and then turns. full out GALLOPS down the road. took me about 20 seconds to get her back to a walk and i turn her down another street.
a cyclist of all things, she's a very lax horse so this was surprising. i found it freakishly fun.

however emrhubby was right. i should have my helmet on while riding on the road with cars and especially when i know when Lilly might be having a 3-year-old day.
i can see why people think horse riders are nuts but honestly, a cyclist!? jeesh lilly...

when i got back to the barn i had a stupid smile on my face. emrhubby looked at my suspiciously 'what?' 
"lilly spooked from a cyclist and galloped down the road'.

his next words i will not repeat but he made a nasty face at lilly and then explained i had to wear my helmet on the road for now on and then when into detail about what can happen to my head on a road. OK OK OK. i get it. helmets on the road for now on.

thanks lilly.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it's a new season!

Emrhubby is watching ice road truckers, the "new season". he loves this stuff. last night he waited patiently for the new show 'road thru hell'. which is based on a highway about 1.5hr away from us. this is the highway emrhubby wants to work on. fatal accidents is just the beginning on the coquihalla.
this is a highway that goes from okay to deadly in minutes.
to be completely honest it scares the poop out of me. i hate it in the winter. we've done this highway many many times with our hauling company. but in winter. its like a demon highway. the last time we traveled it in february, it began to snow. in minutes we were crawling up the mountain. emrhubby stopped to help a truck that had spun out, the driver was unconcious. we then passed 2 semi trucks that had hit eachother. luckily police were already on scene. so yea, i hate this highway. i kinda hope he doesn't get in near it but since 2 of his 3 picks are along the coq. he likely will get his wish.

on a another note, our plans keep going back and forth where he'll eventually work. right now it's looking strong like Alberta as he'll get paid well for it there. properties are cheaper and living costs are cheaper. but i'm sure plans won't be set in stone till we're here next year and evaluating our future and where we want to end up. i'll be happy as long as we have property and i can rodeo my horse  horses.

you also may have noticed i gave the blog here a bit of a facelift. i found the other one not as pleasant to look at, also it wasn't really my style. i hope this one is inviting and makes you want to keep coming back!
i've been thinking of things i can write about and share. i can't really bake so that's not going to work sharing recipes with you. i'm not good at sports or take any interest in them, other than horses and barrel racing haha.. but i am a pretty decent artist. so perhaps i could share crafts and other decorating things. i made all the decore for our wedding, it turned out excatly how i wanted.

i used to share these types of things on my photography blog, but that site has slowly become stiffly professional and how i get work, it's nice to just write what i want to write again and not worry about people not always agreeing with me. plus alot of people just come to look at photos, they don't want to hear my sap story of life! (or maybe they do...)

anyway, back to the blog facelift (can you tell i'm random yet?) - i added an about page. it kinda has our story as a couple and how we got to where we are today. you can check that out on the side of the page right there or right here. i added some photos of the fam and our animals.

there's also a lovely little contact page now!

so i hope you enjoy the new site, it took me all day to make!!


we're trying desperately to get emrhubby's money for school together. i hate having money... but not having it in my hands. we're waiting on several sources for money that is owed to us. so technically we have this money we need but we don't at the same time... im losing my mind!
so this week has just been owing everywhere, feeling like we have none. i almost feel a bit up to my head in it. i've been taking alot of photos to get my head out of it, while attempting to figure it out too... ugh... money FALL OUT OF THE SKY!

on a side note, i think it's really amazing how much emrhubby's mom is trying to help us. 
she truly loves her son alot. even though she does not have much, she is willing to give us whatever she does have to put him through the paramedic school.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In a moment.

Emrhubby is beside me asleep. We're in our old 81' camper on the back of our truck. Surpringly it has no leaks. Its a bit blustery outside in this desert valley tonight. I put emrhubby to sleep tonight by talking about blogging and all the blogs I read... You can tell he found this interesting by the soft snoring going on beside me.
Now in all actuality Im thinking about the fact that we've been married for a week and yet it feels so much longer. In my heart it has been. But on paper... Not so much.

I love this man. In all his crazy ways. I love How he'd rather make sure others are ok before himself. How the sound of his truck makes him happy. Our tot yelling Daddy when he comes in the door. When he works too hard for us. When were stuck in a pickle and he gets us out. Yes i love him. So much. Even when we fight about dumb non sensical things.
Tomorrow eve we go home from our honeymoon. Life will go back to what it was before. This will stay a memory in our life forever. We will start to scrounge all our money together to put into the paramedic academy and in 6 mnths my husband will be a paramedic. And i'll get the benefits of seeing him in his uniform.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Were on our honeymoon in Merritt! Went to see the rodeo for the weekend while my mom watched our kids. Apparently that is impossible for her to do but whatever, that's another can if worms for snother day.
Emrhubby went to the ambulance station and talked to one of the paramedics. He applied to work in this area so he was curious. So far our weekend is going well, no retarded fighting lol emrhubby is wanting to go hunting tomorrow... I just take photos of not in season wildlife.