Thursday, July 18, 2013

passed the one year mark //

well, I totally missed it - cause yeah, between my horse hurting her leg, us looking at houses up north and my husband off to Bootcamp for BCAS... yep, I forgot about the one year, but I'm only 4 days late! Haha!

last year when I started this blog we were sort of blindly going in. my husband was still working for transit but things were getting bad. he started his EMR (basic entry level paramedic course) and completed it mid August. By then he was off work and would never return, of course - we did not really know that at the time. he then enrolled in the PCP (Primary Care Paramedic - which it the next level and what most paramedic's are) program as he knew he may never have the chance in his life to do it again, and if he did go back to work - he could make this "one" course work around his work schedule. so we came up with $6,000 and he started that in November last year. we were cut off our benefits and we started the dumb fight with the insurance company and his work, which is still not resolved. he then finished PCP in April of this year. And since we were completely tapped dry, he applied for BC Ambulance and got in just a month ago. Money at this point is imperative to survival lol, and he got the station right where we wanted to move to!

but I do remember hub's saying one goal that he really wanted ... by August be a licensed PCP, well yesterday he found out he passed all the licensing and is now a Licensed PCP :D yay, hunies!! So basically one year later my hubby is finally what he always wanted to be! and i've never really seen him happier but i do think it's true - if you believe it, see it, want it - you can have it. I know we'll have everything we ever wanted very soon.

HAPPY ONE YEAR! I guess I'm not really an EMRwife anymore... haha PCPwife... I'll stick with EMR lol

thank you for those who read, i know we've had some crazy times but you know - what dosn't kill you makes you stronger!

Bella x

Friday, July 12, 2013

going away for one night!

we're going away // to the island for one night while my hubby does his government exams for PCP :D yay, finally be licensed at the level of schooling he just worked the last year for!!

... and that means more money too now! FINALLY! I'm so exited to have a normal life where we can pay bills normally!

anyway, tomorrow gonna hang out with my bestie at her place while him and his buddy do their tests! NO KIDS! though I'll miss them. it's always bitter sweet, right?? 

I also launch my new books tomorrow... don't know if any readers here read my work but here's the link --- > MY BOOKS

photo below is taken by bff Jess White. that's me. all full pop-up flash and my studded h&m jacket. I love that jacket, need to wear more!! just thought it was a cool shot so thought i'd share.

Bella xx

Friday, July 5, 2013

lasted this long //

gonna be a busy next couple of weeks. hubs gets home in t-minus 3 days! then life will go crazy!!
he's got licensing the next weekend then i have photoshoots, bridal shower + bachelorette to plan! then of course everything else in between... will be nuts!!
we're missing hubby but we know he's making a difference and we're looking forward to moving for the fall (hopefully) ! so yeah, just a quick update.

stay chill :)

// LOVE... these last two phots //