Friday, November 6, 2015

the everything wife.

my husband hasn't been home since 9am this morning. it's 11.30pm now. he got sucked into another call area and they kept throwing calls at them. everything from a roll over MVA to transporting some patients around, he's still on the clock as i write this.
when i looked at the time just now, i realized how long he'd been gone for and everything i'd done today, by myself and i have to say, i am impressed. here i was thinking how i wasn't good enough, or hadn't done enough but this is what my day today looked like.

6.30 am - get up, get kid ready for school
7.20 am - go and wait for the bus to pick up said kid
7.40 am - feed all the animals morning hay
8 am - come inside, make breakfast for me and the 3 yr old
8.30 am - put on a cartoon for said 3 yr old and start sweeping and mopping the floors
9 am - say bye to hubby as he gets called out
10 am - check my email, start laundry
11am - start editing my novel...
11.30 am - start lunch, play with toddler
12pm - lunch and then do the dishes
1pm - tidy up house
1.30pm - start some laundry
2.20pm - get outside clothes on, get outside and go wait for the bus
2.40pm - start evening feeding and chores.
3.30pm - come inside, make tea for survival and start dinner
4.30pm - get call from hubby that he's not going to be home till well after 6pm, decide to eat dinner early
5.30pm - put on PAW PATROL (they are obsessed) for the kids and try to edit more of my novel
7pm - BATHS... fight with toddler...
7.30pm - bed time for said tired-toddler
8pm - watch Cinderella with my 5 yr old daughter.
9pm - talk to hubby, still not off, talk to my mom
9.30pm - Cinderella ends, bed time for 5 yr old.
10pm - sit and bask in SILENCE
10.30pm - answer more emails, edit more of the novel...
11.30pm - realize i didn't do enough today, realize what i actually did today, realize it was enough. keep editing the novel.

i know now how capable i am of functioning alone with 2 kids and a farm full of animals.
my husband is out there helping others and i'm here raising kids that i hope strive to help others too, that have good values and cherish their lives.
twenty years from now, i know i won't regret a moment of this, even though today i wanted to pull out my hair twice ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

the summer is gone.

we spent the summer doing so much, it's basically blurred all together. literally. i have no idea where the last four months went. and my blogging skills are nill apparently, i do better-updating instagram and my facebook (and even there I've been lacking)...

we did everything from buying a tractor, to excavating our yard, to building fences and setting up a red-neck cattle chute. my husband also spent 3 weeks working up in camps for the forest fires and returning home to work for BCAS.

we raised over 125 poultry, took care of numerous livestock and butchered pigs. farm life is day in and day out, we're used to it but we took on even more work buying this farm and expanding our stock. we also now have a baby foal as a mare i bought at auction ended up pregnant. now we're into fall and it's hurry up and finish everything before it freezes, which it's been trying to do!

it's literally insane how much money we have invested in this property. everywhere you look, you see our money, which I have to say, is better than NOT seeing where your money is going.
Our hobby farm is not cheap but it is amazing getting to live here everyday, walk outside and be like "this is ours". 

I am constantly reminded of when I was young (earliest memory of this is around 9 years old) and dreaming of my one-day farm. I wanted to raise performance horses and I can seriously see myself doing that in the next years to come. I'm absolutely in love with the idea and the further developments to our farm! 

happy autumn! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Almost settled.

well, we got internet... finally.
mostly moved in... but still lots to do.

going on 2 weeks almost with limited sleep, last night was my first night of actual 8 hours of continuous sleep but that hasn't helped the fact that i feel like i've just been put through a squat blender... literally my legs are sorta jelly like, especially when waking up in the morning.

at this rate, it may take months to be completely settled in, this was our first move with this many animals and it's been quite the process, a lot of finicky trailer packing.

in between all this crazy moving and hauling, my husband has been working mostly every day and even had to turn down work to get us moved, if he was bale to that was. there was more than a few days were he had to just say no because we were so behind on some of the moving.

we did rent our other house for a full 2 weeks after we took possession of the new house, so that's helped a ton, i recommend doing that period, even if you are a city-dweller. Moving all our stuff, kids and dogs was almost enough to make me lose my head! so glad we've had this buffer time to clean and move.

but finally, we are home.
and I am home alone again to unpack and organize as yes, my husband is working again, today.

(new property's back dry-corrals)