Sunday, April 19, 2015

we got our dream property and jumped the hoops.

all my stress has been mostly relieved.
As of this past Friday, we are buying our own property!

I guess, I say most of my stress is relieved because it's still very surreal. 

We've been wanting to buy a property here for almost 2 years, basically since my husband started at the Ambulance Service but things then did not go as planned, for a few reasons...

The few reasons are, I feel, others should know about because we didn't... and not even our realtor that had sold our previous house at the time, bothered to say these things to mention them to us...
- banks wants you to have at least 2 years working history
- porting a mortgage means you have to actually RE-QUALIFY for a mortgage, but you can't try to re-qualify for that mortgage until you have an accepted offer on your previous home. 

In other words, 2 years ago, we sold our house under the impression we could just move it to another house for the same price, WRONG. So we ended up selling and losing both houses at the time and $$$.

It was heart breaking, and at that point in our life, a big let down. However, it also taught us A LOT...

I mean, even this place wasn't easy to get a mortgage on...
why? because my husband's job on paper makes no sense. 

You'd think an emergency service job would be a no-brainer - but it's not when you're a Part-time employee who works more than a full-time guy. To banks, it's confusing as all heck!

And though we'd spent almost 2 years paying off all our debt and building our savings, so we could get a new mortgage, it still required the attention of a very knowledgeable Mortgage Broker.

See, back in January, we went for another property but we had a mortgage broker who had NO IDEA what to present to the banks for us, she got our credit hit 4 times in one week!! We were DEVASTATED!! It really hurt to have our credit messed around like that and still being told no, even though we have a substantial down payment.

So, when we found our new mortgage broker, though a random phone call to my husband's aunt and uncle, we figured it was just a long shot and didn't expect much, she however GOT US A REALLY GREAT MORTGAGE from an A-lender! and why? BECAUSE she knew how to present us - as people and our situation - to the banks and not just follow a cookie cutter application!

So its pays to have someone who knows what they are doing!! Because getting told no, over and over again is very hard, especially when we've worked and tried as hard as we have these past 3 years to change our life for the better.

I'm only writing all this because I wish I had read someone's story like this before all we had went through had happened. I hope this information/story can help others when looking to purchase a home when your job is less than thrilling looking on paper.

I think it's pretty wrong, that my husband makes as much as he does, but to a bank, he's not appealing!! It's almost insane! He does love working for BC Ambulance though and that is why we've toughed it out and wanted to make it work here for our family.

All is well now, and thus starts yet another new chapter in our life!!

We move in MAY!!

There's a lot of history on this blog and I keep thinking - wow, I can't believe we've survived all this and here we are, still going!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

spring has sprung.

I made this whole pack about Blogging and then I killed it. wow, what a surprise... i can write full length novels but keep a blog? nope.
For that, my apologies.
My husband might be the only one that reads this blog anyway....

So, without further ado... some kind of blog!

Spring is here.
It seems like it took forever but it was a pretty mild winter all together. They are calling for a hot/dry summer, which probably isn't too good with the little snow we got. Dry/hot here means forrest fires. That's when the air around here gets blue and sometimes you'll go outside and all you can smell is smoke. It's pretty normal, or so I'm told, this will be our second summer here.

I wish I had a legitimate excuse for not blogging, other than, when I get stressed, blogging seems to take a back seat in my busy-brain. Which is true... I should have technically just been writing about what happened cause really, it's just the ride of life but all of it is working out, and that's all I'm going to say. Let's just say, we've been playing the hurry up and wait game for ... 2.5 months??! yep, that's about right! It's been horrible BUT have to remind myself how blessed we are now. Life is pretty easy now, simple, good.

We're happy.

So, yes, spring has sprung. Now can't wait for summer and sun and long trail rides on my horse and watching my kids bounce on their new trampoline!! (they love that thing)

Till next time.