Friday, November 30, 2012

essential makeup +

a girl's makeup is a sacred thing. 
that being said. it's essential to use the right makeup or else you get makeup fails... 

i used to be a cosmetician. thats a fancy word for someone who sells makeup and creams in a store. 

anyway, it was a lot of fun. i learned alot and now i know how to use makeup and what to do with it! i noticed when i was working alot of people had no idea what they were doing with makeup. they'd go for the cheap stuff and they'd always pick the wrong foundation for their skin.... i'm not an expert but i wanted to share some essential basics i use everyday! it can either take me 5 minutes to 20 minutes to do my makeup depending on the look i'm going for!

1. BB Cream. i dont use a super expensive bb cream because the one from maybelline is actually really good!! but you need to use quite a bit of it, so douse your face. its pretty light and free feeling :) will cost about $10 - 14

2. Concealer. (ya i know i spelt it wrong in the photo lol) so here i spend more... this is SMASHBOX's concealer. it's awesome. some things you're gonna wanna spend more on, smashox you can't go wrong. you always look super nice with smashbox on your face! this will lighten your wallet by about $18 - 21 keep in mind these smashbox products will LAST YOU a very long time!

3. Eye Primer. this isn't your typical eyeprimer. in fact it's not an eye primer! it's smashbox's 15 hour limitless eye shadow cream. it's the topaue. the thing about smashbox is their eyeshadows all custom blend with your skin type so in theory every color should look good on you. as far as my skin tone and eye color are concerned, i like to stick with what looks good! it's pretty sweet technology either way!
so this stuff is going to KEEP your eyeshadow and eyeliner in place. it's not going to melt or fade. this is gonna lock it in place! i used to have fading issues and crease problems because my eye lids are kinda puppydog... ugh. FACELIFT MUCH? haha... joking... kinda...
again, will change you out at about $20 - 25

4. Eyeliner. so yep, i use one of the cheapest but best eyeliners. it's creamy and it's waterproof. if you're using eyeliner, PLEASE get waterproof, it just saves your butt again from the melt disaster and makeup fail issues... this is ANNABELL black Waterproof eyeliner. runs you about $8-10

5. Eye Shadow. if there's one thing that contribute to makeup fails it's cheap eyeshadow. for that reason i choose to spend our hard earned money on makeup that will make me look NICE. Smashbox is on my face everyday. i got this makeup last christmas and i still have ATON of it. i use is sparingly cause you don't need alot and, always with a brush to keep it clean! otherwise, it works just as good as it the day i got it. think about it, you spend $20 - 40 on eye shadow for the year? that's a pretty sweet deal.
the big black smashbox is a gift set of about 45 shades i believe. is amazing and has tons of options plus eyebrows and lip glosses in it.

6. Blush. you don't wanna look dead. that's likely a discontinued shade now but BENEFIT makes some nice blushes along with LISE WAITER.

7. Mascara. ah another fail easy product! mascara is essential to your look and a lot of mascara may bother you. that's because cover girl and l'oreal and others will dry out your lashes and then flake off during the day giving you raccoon eyes... avoid the fail and spend the $20 - 30 on a good mascara that will last you. you can see i'm using SMASHBOX FULL EXPOSURE. awesome mascara! i also love LISE WAITER + DIOR.

so if you care for an actual makeup tutorial for everyday mom look i can do that!  and yes, i'm at home today but did my makeup. makes me feel better inside. but now that you have basics, remember to avoid the makeup fail i see so many people experience everyday! haha

this has been a blog i've wanted to do for a while as i'd like to get more into beauty/ toddler clothing/ adult fashion. please let me know if you enjoyed it!! :)

tot fashion + dealing with new life...

so... excuse my lack of blogs, it's actually felt really awkward not blogging everything that's going on. this week was super adjustment for us. i've finally realized what life is like with my hubby in paramedic school. so i literally had to kinda change my ways and thinking to get past it. now when he comes in door i'm just happy to see him. and not annoyed. yes. i was annoyed. that sounds super selfish! (i hated myself for it) you have to remember i went from having him around basically all the time to NONE of the time. that combined i felt like i was becoming trapped in the house. i had to change this week. i couldn't do my old life anymore....

since i couldn't be with him i had to figure out how to do things without him. this includes shopping and cleaning the house. cooking and when i was super bored... plotting out my novels and making crafts was a good time consumption! 

that being said, my new amount of free time has kinda made me obsessed with clothing and even on my kids... 

some of her the wardrobe has been pricey but i used black friday to my advantage and got both kids really nice jeans, sweaters and toques... i also found some awesome deals at walmart and what not... check out some of the stuff i've gotten them these couple past weeks...

that hat i got for like $4 on black friday!! 


so this would be her new skinny jeans+fringe boots!! LOVE THEM! 
plus new parka with FUR! 

toque i got for BBJ :) so amazing! 

 bad photo of him in it but so cute haha!

blow are some christmas gifts i got them black friday. 
so on the left is a lamb for BBJ, it makes soothing noises. and the right is a turtle for emrtot, it projects light on the ceiling. i thought these two things would be special stuffed animals for them for a long time! 

so you know, when you don't have a husband around, you need to take up new hobbies... 
new interests...
even if dressing your toddler in skinny jeans and leopard print hats is silly it's making my days go by faster and i'm not left to resent anything or feel trapped in this house!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

this is apparently fun...

what emrhubs and his buds find oh so funny in class... this looks claustrophobic to me... O.o

excuse my lack of blog post this week, we're all sick but i do have some blogs im working on coming up at the end of the week :) worst stomach flu ever.... and i keep getting asked a biglillion questions on my state of illness....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Culture shock. Paramedic school reality.

Paramedic school has been a big adjustment for us. A good one but a big one. Im tired, he's exhausted and our tot just keeps asking me where daddy is. When he's not at school he's studying or volunteering. A kiss in the morning counts as nothing really compared to before. It's like I'm living a whole other life... Someone elses...

We went from always having him to now maybe seeing a hour or so before bed. While its definetly not all for nothing, and I'm not complaining but to say we're fine? It's an adjustment one I figured be easier. It's all just prepping us to be a first resonder family. Then I wonder what life will really be like. Right now it's like culture shock....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

rest in peace.

today emrhubs was in the funeral parade and service for a rcmp officer that was killed last week as his cruiser was hit by a semi truck/trailer, i believe it was an instant fatality. the speech from his wife and brother were very touching. he sounded like a very nice guy. it's very sad as he was the same age as emrhubs at only 28, he had been an rcmp for 3 years. hard pill to swallow.

i watched the service from my computer today and took this screen cap of it...

Monday, November 19, 2012

breaking dawn part 2. my review.

I JUST got out of the theatre from seeing breaking dawn part 2... 

*** some spoilers on Breaking Dawn Part 2 ***

 i fell in love from the first moment... 

people said bella was not going to be relatable as a vampire. that she would be a walking corpse (no pun intended) and that her character would become flat...

let's address these opinions. whatever bella was in the book and as a human. she makes up for as a vampire.
she's agile, interesting and above all, intriguingly beautiful all of a sudden as a personality and in the looks department. her look, her hair, her eyes, everything about her is amazing. you WANT to be bella. before she was ridiculed for being a bad role model for girls and being too in love with edward... a push over. an introverted dull girl...

most of all, she all of sudden fits with edward. and this in turn makes his character go from a protective weirdo to interesting and amusing. you can now fully understand Bella's love for him and how much he loves her...

i think that's the point and i may be sounding like a total idiot, but i'm not giving this movie a bad review. if anything, this movie satisfied and ended the series amazingly. i'm not left wondering or questioning.

and potentially corny moments? for me, there wasn't. i felt it was genuine of the characters.
( and charlie! he is amazing. he is comic relief just when you need him. god i love his character!)

aside from all this, i found myself actually liking all the characters. i, all of sudden i didn't mind jacob either, he had been a touchy needy most of the series for me, too clingy. now he was crucial and i liked his role.

 i liked all the vampires as you got a more inside view to their world too

this movie is not terribly plotty, it's epic. (none of the series really has been- watch buffy, that's plot) and its amazing that a book based on love can drive so strongly! i am flabbergasted. i am inspired. most of all, i am at my wits end... in a good way.

let's talk about bella and edward as parents. bella is loving, she is a bit removed from renesmee but edward makes up for her distance. (im not downgrading her love for renesmee but edward, you can really see him attached to his daughter which i like)

in the vision part, i thought it was really happening. i freaked out. my heart was pounding so hard. i thought i was gonna die. (i am NOT exaggerating) I was so torn up... i had adrenaline pumping through me. and at the end, as a thousand years came on... i cried.
let's make this clear. i don't cry. i dont cry at movies because movies aren't real and unless something terrible has happened in my life, i don't cry. im a bit cold in all honesty. but yea, i totally cried. i cried because all of a sudden, i loved bella and edward. i loved their story and in that instance...

after all these years... i finally understood them.

i think a big highlight outside the relatable characters, for me, was the clothing. i loved the vampires clothing. all of them. bella's new look and the alaskan vamps, loved their style. big hit in my books!

FINALLY, i'm going to end on setting. visually this movie was more pleasing than any of the others. it as beautiful, dark, seductive and peaceful. from the opening credits to the alaskan shots to the housing... the snowy fight scene in the middle of a secluded valley.... WOW. props. that's all i have to say.

my final verdict from a dream that made a book. and from books that made the movies. twilight is an epic adventure we will never forget. never. ever. forever.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Liebster Award!

so Jenni from dash of sun nominated me to do this , i'm new to this tagging thing so I HOPE i do it right haha...

if you receive this award, there are a few rules. 

-Each blogger nominated must post 11 things about themselves.
-You must answer the 11 questions that the tagger has asked.
-The blogger must create 11 questions for the bloggers they are nominating.
-You must tag 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for this award.
-Tell the bloggers you are nominating them, duh!
-No tag backs!

11 things about me...

1. i am obsessed with drawing people
2. i like animals. a lot
3. i like to party... hardy
4. i am ambitious. a little too much
5. i prefer to run, than walk
6. i had my first kid at 20 
7. i love the holidays
8. making money is like a drug for me...
9. i have been writing since i was four
10. i often dream. big dreams...
11. have a ugg and leg warmer addiction

1. If you could live off of one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
spaghetti squash meatloaf. it's good.

2. What is your dream car?
well i have the truck i always wanted (dodge ram 3500) so maybe a ford excursion ? 

3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
christmas eve at my grandparents to open presents.

4. What is your favorite candy bar?
gotta go with Aero.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go and why?
england. i'm OBSESSED with england, british accents... men from england... okay moving ON..

6. What is your favorite book?
my book of course! no okay, i like alot of young adult and new adult fiction.

7. What does your blog name mean?
means i'm a paramedic's wife. haha

8. What is your favorite utensil to use in the kitchen?
flipper. you can do anything with a flipper.

9.  If you could tell your 16 year old self anything, what would it be?
your pretty, you can do whatever you want and tell everyone to go f... themselves... 

10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
... hard call... raspberry cheesecake? 

11. If your life were going to be made into a movie, who would you choose to play you?
Lucy Hale. man she's the BOMB and a thinner me.... haha 

KAY, questions for the bloggers i'm going to tag... 

1. where were you born?
2. why did you start blogging?
3. what's your best asset? 
4. did you watch all the twilight movies? 
5. magazines or books?
6. how many times a week do you wear makeup? 
7. what would the title of a movie about your life be?
8. what kind of computer do you have?
9. hot chocolate or coffee?
10. what's your fav outfit right now? 
11. favorite sport to watch or play?

now... people i'll tag (i'm a really NEW blogger so this is all have!)

a snowy dream, when it is dark.

it feels like the brightest and darkest days of our life right now. 
we're surrounded with the unknown. unknown of paying bills, jobs, money in general, workers compensation and everything else under the sun... and its the slow time for photography, though I do get many more bookings than the year before. but in all this darkness there's this bright light. a light lighting the rest of our life right now. that's my hubby in paramedic school.
i talk about him all the time. so much so i'm sure you're sick of it. but it really is the one thing holding all this together. he's nervous. he's confused. he's studying and trying his hardest. he's learning to save people and that's stressful in general. but all of this is riding on our new path in life... that's killing him.

but through this i can see us. a year and bit from now...

"little house, my horse outside in her lean-to. our kids running around chasing eachother. the smell of the fireplace burning. icicles falling from the roof as the snow falls gently around us. then the sound of the diesel truck as my hubby comes home from work. looking overly tired but satisfied... cookies in the oven. my inbox full of clients for the next year. my laundry room full of uniforms, horse tack and random towels..."

it's almost a perfect dream. perfect picture. i want it. 

i know they say the grass is always greener (I own a horse, she proves this all the time) but in reality, nothing was green about what we were living before. Our life on paper is really MESSED right now but all i keep knowing, seeing and believing it all happened for a reason. this is the reason. that little house, family and that happy husband.

this is our life we're suppose to live. and life is just working it out for us.

stay strong. strong.

Friday, November 16, 2012

he's "studying"

oh yea. he's really "studying"....

The photo that showed up in my facebook feed that his "paramedic" friends put up. 

getting suckered into thinking he's studying, the camaraderie of paramedic school...
this dosnt end does it, even when he's working for the ambulance?

long road to the workout.

i'm a bodyrocker of a year now, unfortunately on and off with the newer of the babies. but it has been over a year of being on the bodyrock movement! 
with my foot almost better i've moved back into it again, knowing i need to lose weight and get healthy! i have alot of goals and need to get to them. 
I think a realistic goal would be a size 8 at this point. I'm a 12 right now (painfully true).
so hopefully by putting this out there, i will have nothing but to accomplish the darn goal just like i do with everything in life. accomplish. accomplish. now i must accomplish working out...

first workout was yesterday since the foot issue. 
did core&legs interval training then went for a quick 20 minute run... jog. im a jogger! gotta admit it...

(this will keep me umm... accountable?) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

welcome to our life.

well, the last 3 days have been interesting, to say the least.

we are not used to this life at all. school life. it's not like work. it's 24/7...
emrhubs is easily agitated. and as we sit at the kitchen table together, me generally sipping my apple cider while writing, facebooking, editing photos, working on my brand and emailing, i conversate with him.

you cannot do this when your hubby is in paramedic school, or else he will eat your head off.

No I'm not joking or you ask a question followed by a LONG pause. no I mean long. no keep going.... you will not get the answer to your question if he does acknowledge you but this "kay, I'm trying to study." 

but today he's walking around like crazy trying to eat and do other house things but really, you know all he wants to do is study and this is only the THIRD DAY... he spends an hour in traffic to get to school and another hour to get back, leaving him five hours to study and then eight to sleep and then back to school for another 10 hours.

once his mom leave for work, i have no car. well, i do but it's in the form of big truck with a camper and i'm not suppose to drive it around...

so yea, welcome to my new life.

riveting? no.

what we expected? well, people did warn us.

is my husband a different person? kinda. a tall, i carry stethoscopes in my pocket and wear a uniform kinda different.

we'll make it.

inspired. {tents}

having a whimsical tent loving moment. but seriously how cool would this be for a photoshoot or even permanently in your kids room? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And how i'll forever look back on this moment.

so here i am.
thinking back to the day emrhubs walked in the backdoor of the house, iphone in hand and told me he wanted to take the next Emergency Medical Responder course, which would be 3 weeks from July 14th. I remember just staring at him. purely because I was in shock. i had spent the six months prior to that coming to road blocks after road blocks with our life and what we were going to do about it...

he was nervous to leave or think of leaving his job. as he should be. as i am. but the thought of him going towards something he's always wanted, well, that was my driving force for it.
we'd be leaving safety for the unknown if we went down this path. we'd be leaving our hometown. our family. the place we had our children. to go build a life in a brand new city, brand new friends, brand new life. and we just had to know it was the right thing to do?
that is scary, ill admit...
but he walked in that door. looked at me and said he wanted to do it. we went to the bank, maxed out the rest of the line of credit and drove to the school to sign him up. handed over the $1600 for the EMR course and even at that point, we weren't sure what would happen. there wasn't the time or money for him to do full-time paramedic school. till some sort of sick miracle happened for us. someone assaulted him at work and put him off because of it. we scrounged $6,000 out of no where, pushing back bills and skipping a car payment so we could come up with even half of the paramedic tuition. his parents giving us money here and there.
and now i know, things happen for a reason...

then five months later, i sit here now, looking back to even before that EMR course, the day i started this blog and here he is, starting paramedic school today! not a pre-course for paramedic school... he'll be a PARAMEDIC at the end of this course. my husband! a paramedic.

and where will I look in six more months, where will we be? that road will be made for us. And it feels so right. For once i have no doubts i have no fears anymore.
i can read all i want on being a wife to a paramedic. i can say i'm ready to be a paramedic's wife. you all can laugh at us. cheer with us. tell us we're crazy. but i'll be standing beside him. with him my whole life. i wont give up on us. won't let us slip. we're ready. Open book. New chapter.

Most of all... This is what he's always wanted. What he's always dreamed of and Im so glad M the girl that gets to stand beside him and watch him get this dream. I always knew he was special. Always felt that.

I love you honey!

Monday, November 12, 2012

my weekend.

bff came from the island on a whim and came to see us saturday!

galloped my horse up and down the drive on sunday...

then our drunkiness last night, one last party before school and work for the week.

and guess what!? 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emrhubs big day. Right before paramedic school!

Dropping emrhubs off.
His first time with the ambulance. Then the first CPR call he's ever been apart of and 3rd in the history of st john unit that he's in...

My hubby after the scary call with his patners.

Friday, November 9, 2012

following dreams.

well we all know emrhub's is following a dream from his single digit days. yes, even his mom will vouch for his sick need to watch medical shows and look over the top of the window to the car accidents when he was seven or even younger... for that i'm so proud of him because up till point i felt most of his dreams had been taken from him.

i personally as a child had many dreams. i wanted to own a farm, a big log house, a truck and horse trailer. i wanted many horses, dogs and animals in my life. most of all though i wanted a husband. a husband others would look up to and i wanted children with this husband. i think in many ways a lot of my dreams have came true. aside from my materialistic wants other than our truck, and recently i had to let go of my trailer.

but if we're talking serious DAY DREAMING dreams. like you know, the kid in the band that says they'll be famous one day, those dreams. the ones where others look at you like you're nuts... well those dreams for me were easy...

i wanted the book that i thought up when i was thirteen to be published and get a movie deal. i've wanted this more than a lot of things in life. and even when i've left it for years ive come back and back again because for whatever reason, i feel these characters need to have their story told. their not conventional and their not perfect. their two characters that love each other greatly and through all odds make their life complete. its scary at the same time, to put your dream out there and ask for what you've always wanted. that book series for me, is that kid wanting to be famous. it's that book deal staring me in the face, it's casting those actors to portray my beloved characters. all the while, letting them go, out into the unknown is wildly scary.

in the grand scheme of things, i am a nobody. i have nothing published. no merits. only this book series that i've held close to my heart for ten years.

this year will be my year to complete this dream. 2013 will be my writers year. a moment i've only dreamed of while standing in a long line, before i fall asleep at night, driving in the car or just stopping for a moment and thinking, what would life be like if i get signed.

i've spent the last two days writing my Query letter and synopsis for book agents. I'll finish the week with a Cover letter and then we'll throw our dice and see what happens... {book deal, book deal, book deal, book deal...}

Thursday, November 8, 2012

shopping haul.

yesterday went a bit crazy at h&m and thrift store shopping. (spent a bit too much but whatever, much needed clothing) also ridded myself of one and half very full garbage bags of clothes! 

so i got... 
* fether earrings on small chain, very cute
* new deep brown ring that is super comfy to wear and was only $2 on sale at H&M!
* new white beanie! so excited for winter with it!
* new festive scarf that cost me a staggering $35 (do NOT tell emrhubs!) 
* black slinky top for nights out, black basic dress with sleeves
* pink shrug, super cute in bottom photo 
*burgundy mini skirt! (bottom photo) 
then... i found an impulse buy in the line-up. for $3.95 a lint remover for your purse and 3 refills! it works awesome, removed hair of two big dogs and baby lints haha! (H&M)

plus a VERY CUTE outfit for emrtot for the christmas tree farm photos we'll be doing in december! it's a cord dress with little foxes on the print. then cute burnt orange knit leggings that match the foxes in the dress. very sweet! 

new nail polish too!! <3 is a gel polish as i have a UV light i do my nails with it's "inner vixen" by mini gels :) 

emrhubs update!

emrhubs got his St. John Ambulance patches and jacket the other day! He also passed the essays he had to do so he now has a date scheduled to do the final exam in 2 weeks! Then he'll be a licensed EMR. Will update his application with BC Ambulance and hopefully we will hear back from them super soon after that! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

when your hubby volunteers his weekend away again lol.

our weekend is already booked. ugh it's only monday ( though it does NOT feel like monday - at all!)
saturday emrhubs is volunteering for a parade in our area, then... he went to the SJA meeting tonight and volunteered for sunday to do the Remembrance Day stuff. So sunday, is SJA Volunteering, Photoshoot, ride horse/& or shopping to the states.

i'm already dreading the packed up scheduled weekend.... on another note. i've been looking for CHRISTMAS gifts for emrhubs!!! more not so serious but something he may not be expecting but something he'll remember... as it's his first christmas with all this paramedic stuff (his dream job)! <3

these two i REALLY LIKE... 

kay i may buy both but i really like them and can't decide, which do you like more. haha
?? opinions and WHY you like it more than the other?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

this weekend we made some boring money.

this weekend i made some money. hence my lack of posting. photography has been overly slow so this weekend it was nice to rake in some moola, even though it will all be going to pay off our visa bill... ugh. 
anyway, i forced our toddler to test out the props. this is all the good photos that came of it. 
i'm definitely a more outdoor photographer. this inside thang was so boring. and changing props around... ugh. i mean i do it for newborns all the time but newborns are different, doing family photography in a house.... BORING. I did all the photos at our place and much to emrhub's dismay. he hates strangers in our house. you know, man = protective = crazy protective when in his 
territory is invaded. or is it just my husband that is like that!?
(i seriously HOPE NOT - i mean men are men. right?)
aside photos this weekend we didn't do much. my foot may have a stress fracture... at this point, i dont care, i do what i have to do.

so i believe i may have started a bit of a christmas tradition though. not wanting to take down all the christmas props i brought out, the pink tree we ended up decorating in all of emrhub's grandmother's ornaments. she's passed but we called it her tree and i think it's pretty cool. it's sitting on her old vintage christmas box (i love vintage) and her ornaments are totally awesome...

weather or not i'm suppose to have some christmas up this early i don't care.its only a TINY bit of christmas after all! though i'm totally excited for our annual christmas tree cutting and christmas card photo-op. The one time of year we all get a photo together and a card we send to everyone!!