Friday, January 30, 2015

Cabin Fever

Thing about being a wife of a paramedic, is never really knowing what the next day will bring. With my husband's crazy schedule, we don't really have a set "schedule" in this house.

If we need to do something, like grocery shop, go to town, get feed for the animals, it's done in between my husband being on call and actually being on shift. Which is sometimes 2 weeks straight of work, and everything else gets put on hold...

Sometimes it can drive me a bit insane, or even make me wonder when the last time he was home!
Take for example the other day, he was on call, got called out right at 8am, his car got sucked into a bigger city 5 hours away and bam, did not get home till 12am. Yeah, that's 16 hours.

But that's normal for him and I've heard a lot of people say it's hard on the other spouse, but honestly, I already do pretty well alone, so it doesn't bother me too much, unless it's one of those days where the kids are driving me crazy... ha ...

and with me being all alone with just the kids, comes the dread of being stuck inside in winter. I thought the snow was melting this week, that was hopeful of me, it just snowed another inch this morning.

Winter is not the best time in the country, after Christmas that is, cabin fever right now is at the highest, kids are basically so stir crazy it's not funny!

I cannot wait for summer.

There's something very relieving about knowing we have 10 acres of grass for them to just run on.

So, as I still wait for the news I want to hear, I'm really feeling the winter cabin fever right now...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Waiting on News

I'm sitting at our kitchen table, awaiting news.
News, the unknown, something that can still very easily stress me out.
But writing back on this blog reminds me of the news waiting we've done in the past, good or bad, it always worked out in the end, always happened for a reason.

Last week monday, I let my easy to stress self get panicked over the awaiting news.
It isn't by any means news like the health of a loved one, and for that, I have to be grateful, in fact, this is just another awaiting of news, to see where our life will lead us next.

I'd tell you what it is but I'm sort of superstitious sometimes... maybe that's another one of my paranoia issues! Maybe later today I'll write again and let you all know what the news is...

Till then, winter can keep melting away up here in the north and I need to do some serious writing catch up for my newsletter this week!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 GOALS.

Seems like a theme on this blog, my New Year Goals (2014, 2013) and I gotta say, I did MOST of my goals from last year... which isn't bad, considering, I didn't give the list a another glance from last year when I wrote it...

I had one more goal of 2014 and it was to become Stronger Emotionally and to be able to Deal with Situations Better. Well, I gotta say, I still get shaky but I've become better at knowing things will work out, even if horrible things happen, something good is just around the corner. I can't say totally, I don't get wrapped up in stress, cause I do stress easily but I am really trying to stay calm under pressure and not fold to pressure either! I'm my own person and just like my husband often does, when wrong is done, stand up for what is right.

So without further ado... 

Back to Lights and Sirens!

So, OMG, I was actually talking to my husband the other day and he asked about my paramedic-wife blog and I said to him, "You know, we've just been so busy, it's sort of slipped my mind." And that's when, it stopped slipping my mind.

I'm not the best blogger, and for a writer, that makes little sense, I know!!

So here's to a new year and new blogs, alot more blogs, because honestly, I have alot to write about...
Or maybe to catch you up on, or let's just say - start fresh!

My husband's a paramedic in a rural city in British Columbia, since our town has a total population of 11,000 - he usually gets recognized grocery shopping or really, doing anything in town, alot of people will just come up to him and say thank you or say hi. At first, that was a bit weird but now, that I've gotten used to small-town living and so has he, it's actually comforting and teaches one to be humble and appreciate every day for what it's worth.

Now, me, well, I'm the stay at home mom still, who writes paranormal/romance books after the kids are in bed. I am also an avid horse girl and I do have a slight obsession with my dogs (slight). We live on 10 acres outside the city limits and I spend my days, loading up a wood fire, potty training our 2 year old, trying not to let our 4 year old's attitude take over and feeding a total of about 20 animals!

Welcome BACK to our life, in between the busy schedule of an amazing paramedic!