Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 goals/resolutions ...

2013 was a strength builder. feels like the last two years were but i think 2013 really was. cause it's the year we stopped being afraid and decided to just do what we had to get where we wanted to.

my husband this past year fulfilled his dream and became a licensed PCP, he also got hired with BCAS... which is a huge accomplishment for him. sometimes i don't think im living in reality. i think it's a dream but then i get a bill from someone! haha *back to reality*

last year i wrote some "GOALS" down because I never really did the "resolution" thing...

these were them... you can also look back here...

1) wanted to lose 30 lbs. DONE

2) make it to the top 10 on wattpad. I am now a top writer on wattpad, which is more then I could have dreamed of for this goal. 

3) be more forgiving and accepting. I've tried to proactively be less judgement and more happy, even to people who speak negatively to me. So I guess that sorta worked out. 

4) make it into a wedding blog. I've decided to move way from professional photography as a means of income and focus on writing instead. I'm happy about this decision.

5) start a jewllery line. Well I did do this! But then decided I didn't really want to presue it. but hey, i tried! 

6) move away from vancouver. DONE BABY DONE, though we did sell our house and get burned pretty bad, we realize everything happens for a reason and we're so happy to be here :) 

7) pattern my horse lilly for barrel racing. ha ha ha... this goal is getting carried over, due to my husband needing to travel so much for work and such, I didn't get to spend the time with Lilly I wanted :( but this year will be much different!! 

8) Get a book agent. GOT published so umm... i don't know wat else to say!! I am flabbergasted!!

... SO 2014 ... 

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