Friday, November 15, 2013

up north and moved in.

we've settled in up north in British Columbia, it's really weird stoking a fire and sitting with my husband while he's on call. 

last year I wrote about where I wanted to be one day, well, we didn't get the house we initially wanted but we got a close second. It's a 10 acre farm, that we are renting for a couple years. It's a huge flat property, Lilly is now right outside the door and this morning we woke up to a foot of snow. 

Yes, there was no snow last night annddd now there is! 

I will now be able to blog more regularly as for one, we now have internet after a month and two, I am going to be taking on less work load to focus on writing and taking care of the kids. for some reason being a house wife now makes more sense to me!?

I've already done alot that I wasn't doing in the city. For one, I'm really motivated to clean and do more with the kids. The animals are happy. 

The dogs love it. they are no longer too big for the house we live in. 

It's simple but cute :)

Our property. Lilly's barn on bottom photo.

Monday, November 4, 2013

we're moving!! no im not joking around.

yes, on tuesday. yes this Tuesday we are moving to a 10 acre property :)
Our house sold here and we need to be out for the 15th! so we had to leave early cause of Hubby's shifts!
I know it's insane and don't worry the move is just as insane!

we have like 24 hrs and a huge truck to do it in.

anyway more info to follow on our new "simple" life.

totally excited!! and since im gonna have alot less to do i will now blog through the very snowy winter!

Halloween 2013 below :)