Saturday, June 29, 2013

peaceful //

i took this photo up north a few weeks ago when we were up there. this is the area we are looking to move to in the next six months. it is also the home of my husband's station. i just can't wait till i'm sitting out on my porch in the evening, writing, journalling, crickets chirping while i sip some wine. ah, this photo is good enough peace of mind for now...

i was actually going to delete my blog here. i felt kind of down about blogging but the day before my hubby left he told me that this blog was pretty amazing. how i documented so much and how it's cool to look back on. his words kind of lifted a new light to this blog for me. so over the next couple weeks i'll be doing a facelift on it and getting up some new stuff. i revamped out ABOUT US section. so i hope you check that out :)

i hope in five, ten, fifteen years i can still be writing on this blog and sharing all out stories.

Bella x

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

and it's official!

Hubby at his station. first day of orientation :) 
he's now got an employee number and he may be staying up there for the big Rodeo this weekend so we're not sure when he'll be home... 

his official/own uniform comes in 2 days :)

me at home. waking up next to this instead of emrhubs... 
well at least it's cute and fuzzy... 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


so. i guess alot has happened.

my husband finished his precepting. 

we went on vacation. 

he got a job. right where we want to move to.

and he start's that job. tomorrow.

yep. that basically sums it up... haha

it's been basically a year... and somehow we've survived. possibly cut, bruised and shaved but... that battle was so worth it. emotional, turmoil and all of sudden our dreams are seriously coming true and all we had to do was keep going forward. together :)

I said good bye to my PARAMEDIC hubby tonight and he went on his seven hour road trip up north to where he is now stationed and where hopefully we'll be soon as well! for now he'll be commuting till we get it all figured it out. it kinda all went down in a matter of hours... over the past two days... yeah, we either jumped on it or jumped in a different pond... no more different pond or round abouts!

// photos of camping //