Sunday, August 25, 2013

one year //

yes. we've been married for a whole year. 
do we get an award? 

well I guess I did... I got a paramedic for a husband now. HAHA

when we got married last year, he had just finished EMR. 

Now he's a licensed PCP working for BCAS. 

One of the hardest years and best of my entire life.
I will no doubt remember it FOREVER! There's no way I could forget not being able to pay bills or how we were going to eat sometimes. Not having a car insurance or if i'm being stupidly materialistic... not being able to buy new clothes! you take those things for granted! don't take anything for granted that's all i have to say.

now after one year and countless blog posts, heated arguments, hours away from home, tests, licensing, stress, broken-ness, the chance to give it all up and run and hide....

well i don't know. i just don't think that anything or anyone could make me regret this past year.

looking back is easy. jumping was hard. even thinking about it was a dream. 

WE MADE IT, HUNNY! (yeah, he reads the blog)

Now it's time to get our dream house, get our dream life started and rock it out for the next 50 or 60 years? remember huney, you get to do what you love so now I get my horses ;)



Friday, August 23, 2013

day out with daddy //

went north to see hubby. they've been working him straight for the whole week. 
he got a job up north he starts next week for the oil rigs (paramedic job) and that will help us move asap.
on that note... the reason i went up was to look at a few houses. was a quick 24 hr trip. we found a house we really love so we're working on the details... ;) 

some photos from chimney lake where we hung out for a few hours and enjoyed the end of summer together. 

hubs will be gone next tuesday for 3 weeks straight. will be an adjustment, but think i will figure it out. all for the best cause i really want to move! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

a cactus adventure.

i will now try once again to not kill my cactus... i potted them together, so far so good... cute right?

tomorrow will have photos for you all, cause we're going to some first responder thing :) hubby in uniform hehe...