Tuesday, February 26, 2013


so last night. my book account on wattpad was HACKED. yes... hacked. I lost all my votes, comments and let's not forget the 9,000 READS i'd had on it... ah...

SO i'm taking this situation and turning it around!

I'm going to PUBLISH the series on KINDLE! as an e-read!

Everything happens for a reason, right? even when I want to drop dead. yes, they hacked my account, deleted my book then... umm changed my profile picture to some ugly tattoo... legit... no lying...

... sometimes you just wanna pull out your hair!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

bbj model baby!

apparently my head is no space to blog. on another note my baby boy - was asked to be signed to a modeling agency haha... I think I'm gonna try it a couple times, he's very personable. here's some of his headshots!

think he looks like a baby gerber! 

OH AND ON A SIDE NOTE... I really want to come with another book idea. every had an idea for something cool for a book? 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


so yes, there's 3 weeks (well 3 weeks of school, like as in one week on one week off so March 22nd is the last day but still!!) emrhubs will finally be finished paramedic school {well, then starts his precepting/clinicals} but still it's a huge milestone and I can hardly believe we've almost made it!

on another note, though I can't stand the stress of our money at the moment - i know it will all work out. yes, it's been a super long haul but what else is there to loose - we can only GAIN at this point!

and another bigger note, i've found the house i want when we move. LOL - it's a big log house with large windows and a wrap around porch! won't it be nice when i'm taking about design options for this house! forewarning, i'm a dreamer, because I strongly believe if you don't hold on to your dreams and reach for them, what do you really have to live for?

I have many dreams for us, our children, my animals even! they may be small ones but i can't wait to get there with them :)

i'm looking down over my shoulder right now at a cliff i never thought we would climb and i have to give us something... we've climbed pretty far! over tons of hurdles and even large gaps...

and for anyone who mildly cares, i've almost finished the 50 SHADES OF GREY series... and though i LOVED the first two books, i'm seriously a bit lost for the third... wat do you all think that have read it ???? 
maybe my expectations were too high for it! the ending is kinda making me roll my eyes i mean... Theadore... for a Grey child? i'm seriously confused haha - no offence to the name it just seems odd and what's worth the idea of Phoebe for their second child... kill me NOW!! 

below is some recent stats for my series... I'm kinda over the moon with it, it's been a great motivator to kick start my lofty goal of publishing this stuff! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

emrhubs update..

{pinot below chilling this morning on my pillow!}

tomorrow he's doing a course - it's like one of ten that he has to do but he's getting there  - so he can work on the oil and gas! he went and helped his school move today for seven hours and they said they'd pay for people who came to help - so he figured that would help pay for this course - haha, they gave them pizza! he was slightly pissed.... oh well, what can you do... at least he'll be one step closer and we're about a month and half till PCP is done! been a long haul but end is in sight.
money is still... well, umm... really don't wanna talk about it lol... oi...

OH and remember wayy back when i started this blog??
and my wallet was stolen??
well I'm going to court to testify against what they did to me. i guess karma's a b*tch aint it ? I'm pretty stoked about it haha

Saturday, February 9, 2013

opened my jewelry shop!

so the other day when we found out that dumb news I opened my jewelry shop online!
I already sold something! I was pretty stoked!

If you want to stop by and check out some items... here's the link : MY SHOP.

once again want to say thank to you to everyone who emailed shared my tweets, we're trying on working on things, the most important this is to get emrhubs through this last bit of school <3 he's worked so hard!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

today i will remember forever... help me!

today our benefits company denied my husband's claim and yes tomorrow we won't be able to pay our mortgage. 
yikes right? what does this mean? I'm not sure. My husband had a panic attack today though and for anyone that knows me through this blog I have told you guys pretty much everything... well I'm out of options and in desperation and a lot of self pride lost... I'm asking strangers for help....

I made this page about the whole story and I hope you can help us. I appreciate any kind words.

I appreciate the people who have left me comments and come by this blog since I started it. I started this blog to one day show my husband how much we love him and appreciate all he does and how brave he's been through this whole thing, I don't want this to be the end - I just need to see the light. We need to keep going...

Bella xx

* if any bloggers could offer help by sharing our story on their blogs. I would be forever in debt... I don't think I could even express it. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

we get on... sleep on i mean.

things are still... well things...

I have an 8 month old whining at my feet and an almost 3 year old watching toopey and bino.

my husband... well he slept till 1pm... and then he went back to bed at 4pm... now it's 6pm.... he's been off school the whole week. let's not get my started on that one, he orginally fell asleep on the couch then got mad cause i turned some music on...

oi. marriage.

anyway, emrhubs goes to school this week so yea... go to school emrhubs! haha

yesterday i did my first workout well run workout because i'm doing an 8km race in march... of course, yesterday i realized oh crap ... i better train for that... haha... so yea, i'm running friday, monday and wednesdays. that's the schedule plus interval training in between.

 sometimes i wish my life could just be this good.... that is our fat lab... pinot. (yes, like the wine)

if people are interested in makeup tutorial or something, maybe i could do that now because i have nothing to do this month!! let me know if you are... 

anyway i don't have much else to say so before i start rambling about emrhubs sleeping all day again... i'm gonna go!