Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallow's Eve! what we're up to tonight...

Happy Halloween!

emrhub's first day not volunteering for St.John in 4 days, nice to have him home, though he stayed in with the baby tonight while I took the tot treating with our friends.

Anyway this was what we did today!

carved some pumpkins... 

got ready to trickOtreat...

I was a witch for Halloween night, LIKE USUAL. it's like ma thing. costume is put together form my own wardrobe in 5 mins lol. it seems like i own alot of black but i don't !! haha 

witch bangels & accessories... 

going trickOtreating in downpour rain storm & lightening in Vancouver BC.

ended the night making pumpkin seeds! and waiting for Chicago Fire to come on! 


just wouldn't be the same post the day after :) hope you're all watching halloween specials and enjoying this spooky night! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

staying together forever.

lately i've been thinking alot about how to stay together forever. not in a negative way. but in last few weeks i've heard of some people we know breaking up that have kids....

I get so flabbergasted about these things. and no, my marriage is not perfect and sure, some times I just wanna choke emrhubs and make him give himself CPR but whatever... like we're ever going to break up and i can't even begin to think about why we would.

The most unfair thing about a couple who has kids breaking up or taking a break is a) it's so completely immature and b) you're not punishing your partner, you're punishing your children.

I know, I was the product of divorced parents and never knew them together. It freaking sucked. In fact, now that I'm older and hearing the real reasons for their divorce it makes me even more mad. Reasons like ... my mom just wanted away from her hometown, my dad was in the navy and never home. my mom then hated my dad and my dad lied down and took her crap because of it. when my mom finally kicked him out, he disappeared for 3 days and never showed up to work. he had been sleeping in his car in a parking lot and hadn't ate for 3/4 days... my mom comes off as a psycho but let's be honest, she is. she's a sociopath. i'm pretty sure.

anyway. unless you are getting BEAT or ABUSED/cheated on in some way shape or form... you should not be walking away from what you wanted. and in alot of ways, people walk out of marriages cause it's easy. sure it's easy and it's spiteful to get to walk away from a man, take his kids and hurt him that way. but for two seconds do you really see a good reason for it other than you get some sick vengeful void filled...

sorry i'm not a feminist. in fact i believe most women create issues vs. men. if you've never read the book "The proper care and feeding of husbands". yeah you can go all 1940's on my butt but i kinda think this stuff is true!

but even i need to do better with this stuff. I'm not always the cleanest or the most organized. i know i gotta do better in some areas but for the life of me, i would never leave him cause something might be too hard. i just don't get it, why can't you figure it out.

before i start hearing the 'you don't know what it's like' speeches - ya, i might not totally know. i picked a pretty decent guy, with a job and he's older than me so there's some maturity. i think off the bat i made a good choice.
i think more girls/guys need to stop when they meet each other and really analyze if they can have kids and see a future with the person. that might be step one when wanting to stay together forever with someone.

keep yourself warm in knit while you procrastinate like me.

i thought last night was emrhub's last volunteer shift for awhile but... i was wrong. He's working all night today and tomorrow... but that wasn't written on the all knowing calendar so I thought we would be having a couple dinner's together this week.
I have a busy weekend coming up and have alot of photography work to do this week to prep for the incoming editing i'll have going on this week.

this list makes me wanna procrastinate. oh yea. the BIG ONE. clean the house, organize and take down halloween on thursday... gotta get ready for the holidays!

i've been living in knit sweaters as of late and the furnace though on, my house is still epically cold in the winter months. what you might call a coast house or - drafty (not built for winter)... knit sweaters, long tops, leg warmers and leggings are kinda my thing. i think i drive emrhubs nuts with my winter wardrobe. I like buying sweaters from thrift shops. I have no guilt buying them for under $7 and they keep me warm... sweater shopping at the thrift stores is my version of a good time. now i'd rather go the the thrift store than work on that work-list of to do's..........

Sunday, October 28, 2012

goodbye one chapter of our life.

well it caught up to me. on friday we sold our horse trailer. actually it belonged to my grandfather but he was a business partner in this. we used to own a hauling company and we did that for 2 years but after our truck broke down this year we stopped. it was something that needed to happen but man, i did not want to sell that trailer.

i just about cried thinking about it. and that sounds pathetic i mean how does someone cry about a horse trailer? i think for me, it was a childhood dream that had came true. it was the trailer that brought my horse to my house on christmas. it was the first trailer i ever pulled. it was the first trailer that went to alberta and sk with us. this trailer had meant alot. and right now. i miss it and i really wonder. where it is now... its funny. how one hunk of metal can seem to mean stupid amounts to someone...

but most of all.. this trailer took us everywhere. we became a tighter family. we had some great times in it and some not to great. we learned and we laughed. we loved and we cried with this trailer.

i hope you have a good life trailer...

feild, bc minus 45 and snowing. November 2011

machkenzie, bc  - september 2011 

riske creek, bc - our first haul ever. 

on a haul. our toddler when she was just a year old. a truck stop in alberta...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What I was for halloween!!

You shoulda seen emrhubby's face when I walked downstairs in my costume yesterday right before the party... Priceless. He had no idea and he just kept smiling. I did good!
I made every single part of it. Down to finding the shirt and making my own patches by ironing on shrt adhesive! Lol everyone thought it was cool. Lets not forget my reflective piping down my skirt!

Monday, October 22, 2012

first responder shopping with emrhubs!

yesterday before my accident... we went shopping for emrhubby so he's outfitted for paramedic school and more (this was the blog that was suppose to go here instead). he got a really NICE new jacket and belt... and trauma shears (we didn't understand that part being girls considering we were in clothes mode)

emrhubby trying on jackets... 

this is the jacket hubby bought! so nice to see him in a nice jacket after 2 years of the same one!!

and new belt. yea i try not to obvious i'm taking photos but he always catches me and shakes his head. 
anyway check out the belt! 

This was my last night.

Im a freakin clutz.... Last night was spent 5 hours in hospital, 1 wheel chair, 5 xrays and an ER dr that loved to poke me and ask 'does it hurt here?' and me screaming 'yessssss' *tears in eyes* and lets not forget the dianosis in emrhubs words... A Chip to the Talus, possible fracture to the Metatarsel and serious swelling and bruising...all because I love Halloween and was putting up cobwebs! Then fell off two chairs and bam there goes the next 3-4 weeks of my life. Right in time for emrhubby to start paramedic school!

Waiting in the hospital with my epically awesome splint that the ER Dr didnt want to take off cause she thought it was awesome and though other paitents gave me funny looks no one laughed too bad at emrhubs for it. 
He made blow up rubber glove chickens for a kid with a broken arm then once the parents found out he's in paramedic school they wouldn't leave us alone. Its like they wanted to keep talking to him and the dad kept bringing up his back injury from a car crash. Emrhubby just sat and listened lol apparently paramedics are either number one or two most trusted people... you could really see that last night when people found out he was one. Not to mention he was in what he wore for St.john earlier that night... Yea... Looked the part just a little bit.... 

Finally got to xray for this result below..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happening right now...

I may have fallen off one chair to another chair to the floor ... And my foot may or may not be broken... All night i was telling emrhubby that he'd get something working for st.john... Little did i kno it'd be me. Yes. Im at the hospital and yes that is emrhubby's homemade split lol he said the paramedics would laugh at him. They did. Haha

Kay ya my foot seriously hurts...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

my first taste at being a first responder wife.

my life as a single mom has begun. NO don't worry. I'm still married to him. haha

but we were suppose to go to a friend's wedding sat night and I found out he's volunteering for st.john and there's no way to reverse it, he did it because no one had volunteered. that's nice and all but seriously... so in a fit of annoyance, i went to the store and bought us a huge whiteboard.

it won't solve the problem this time but at least next time he will know what is going on before he volunteers. but from what i've read on first responder lives, that it will just become my life. having my husband sometimes and not others. missing events and certain holidays. 

so i'll be going to the wedding tomorrow night by myself.
i dont even know where to go! *sigh*

the kids today... 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Got his first call!

Emrhubby got his first last night. Lol
A teenage boy climbing a fence, slipped and hurt his you know whats.
Apparently my hubby got super excited when he got the call and then his partner said it was really funny once he found out what the call was for, as his excitment changed to wtf. Of course his first job is something like that! Haha I laughed. Call the paramedics, balls in peril...

On another note, yesterday we got in stupid fights all day for really dumb things. Once he put on his uniform I could not fight with him further. Perhaps marriage counciling only requires uniform intervention?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

an october day.

yesterday was a BUSY day! 
in the morning I went and rode my horse...

then we went to the PUMPKIN PATCH!!

then we went out to dinner with emrhubby's bff. their like really close. haha
he bought us dinner, it was awesome. steak and lobster, plus booze. (can't go wrong). BUT i didn't take any photos on my phone or anything, so you'll have to just imagine a really good supper of steak and lobster! (unless you don't like steak and lobster than imagine whatever you want!)

I made a really fun Halloween Craft that you can do with your kids! YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE! 

emrhubs volunteers again tonight and then straight through the weekend. we apparently have no life anymore. his paramedic course got pushed back 2 weeks as the campus is moving buildings, he's happy about this as it gives him even more time to read. he's sick though today and last night had a bit of a fever :s make him better blogging world!! <3

halloween craft : DIY creepy, spine tingling witch globes!

These creepy, spine tingling witch globes are so easy and quick to make and they look super awesome
on a mantel or on display around the house! 

All you need is loose glitter, water, a drop of glyserine. Some creepy crawly's from the dollar store and jars! 

Place all the creepys into the jars, pour in your choice of bewitching glitter and a tiny bit of glyserine (or none if you don't have any). Make sure the jars are lock tight or will stay upright (Leaking=big mess).

Shake, display and haunt up the house!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

emrhubby's first day volunteering for st.john

happening NOW!

it's emrhubby's first day volunteering for st.john ambulance! 
he's working at a big local haunted house production they put on each year. lots of people. lots of dark, small spaces. people jumping out at you. fake bugs (some real ones) and pumpkins! 

i dropped off supper for him. And cookies for him & his partner. (wifey award?)

oo spooky! but pouring rain and the jacket they sent for him didn't fit :( so i brought him a jacket too and toque! (gotta keep the brain warmth in) as of late Vancouver has been SUPER rainy and tonight it's just coming down in buckets plus wind. yay, for our version of a hurricane.

he does this all again tomorrow!

emrhubs found out! that sneaky buggar...

Emrhubs found my blog on my phone... apparently I left it open! I don't know how much he read but when he told me, he asked "are you really that proud of me?"
Seriously, such a goof. I'm like so sickly proud of this man, it scares me. I think about him six months from now when he's going off and doing his practicum, (when some moments i'm sure i'll feel alone and like i want to pull out my hair from only talking baby talk for days on end), but I think of how happy he'll be. helping people and doing what he always wanted to do in life.

i guess it's never too late to chase a dream. i think if one has stuck with you that long, you need to chase it. if it's always been something at the back of your mind. you need to do it. something you always think about. always attracted too. maybe you should just jump off the cliff and dive in, even if it's the most frightening thing you'll ever do in your life. you need to do it.

Stagette first responder style!

Spent Saturday at a bachlorette party (first responder style scavenger hunt)

Bachlorette getting a ride from a super hot firefighter. Haha
Then we did their dirty work (thats me it was so fun!)
Then we went and saw the paramedics at the hospital...
Then she got into the ambulance cause she needed help...
Then he restrained cause she wasnt listening. Ahaha
So besides from this being completely random (and i missed the cop giving her a ticket)
I think all the first responders fully enjoyed it. 

Then we went to dinner and headed to a casino. I hate casinos.
Basically end of the night for me! 
Yes, casinos make me get anxiety haha gambling, not my strong suite!