Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

happy birthday emrhubs!

YEP! today emrhubs turned 28 and though this year has been HELLA hard! we had ALOT of struggles but alot of great things also. It was just a really crazy year and you all got to share half of it with us! I know -  I KNOW we didn't go through all of this for nothing. because tonight emrhubs got offered a paramedic job. and he's so excited!! i've never seen him so happy about something job related before. he has a smirk on his face and he's beyond excited! he has worked really hard this year and when he reads my card for him on christmas day, he'll know how proud i am of him - how proud we are as a family... how i just can't believe how far he's come. how great of a man he is and how he's really followed his dream and is doing what he's always wanted to do now! AH and here i am, married to a first responder!! (... i'm gonna bite this one and say... i kinda always wanted to be married to one )...
here's to your twenty-eighth year, hun! Your dreams really unfolding in front of you.

love you.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

hubs got a job offer!

emrhubs just got home from delivering all the food drive food they collected on friday and the company he helped organize it for (which he was originally just training with and they were helping him learn while he's in the paramedic course) offered him a job tonight! that's pretty epic and awesome. he came home in their uniform and everything. in case your wondering, their a private paramedic company that does big events, patient transfers and on site first aid. so yea, that combined with the BC ambulance interview! YAY we be rocking! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

emrhubs organized food drive with paramedic buddies!

emrhubs was responsible for organizing this food drive at a local grocery store yesterday! 
he personally called the manager and arranged everything, they even want them to come back next year! 
they had almost 6,000 lbs worth of food to give to the food bank! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Christmas Crafts!

i like to make people stuff for christmas (yea, i'm one of THOSE people)... this year i made little woodland scenes in collected jars, that make super cute snow globes! 

then of course there's these things... 
freaky little birds that i glue gunned feathers all over foam balls and stuck eyes on ... yea i know their super weird... but i kinda like them! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wat emrhubs hates...

emrhubs HATES HATES Chicago Fire... umm however, moi? WELL I LIKE TO LIVE IN FIRST RESPONDER LALA LAND... i don't care if the paramedics arn't doing something right or didn't strap someone to a board and i don't care if the firefighters have old equipment... you are RUINING the only show i've liked in a long time, emrhubs. STOP IT! yes, it's true all i care about is seeing the paramedic and lieutenant get down with it and of course kelly and his victim HE LOVES HER!! i love it, i mean don't get me started on the gang thing, that guy had it coming - however... it was his brother's issue and this blog post is totally relevant if you don't watch it! which i have no idea WHY YOU DON'T!! this is sexy firemen at their best ... mmm... firemen...

on a not so fangirl note... 

this week i will post some christmas crafts :) and an update on emrhubs! he organized something pretty cool for friday so i'll have photos of him in action!! 

<3 Bella 

Monday, December 17, 2012

christmas. one week.

well, we're at the one week mark! I thought I'd share our christmas card with you guys today! I would personally send you one too... if I had all your addresses! and you can email your addy if you want one. Sending them out this week! (i know so late... i kept forgetting to go get envelopes!)


it's been snowing on and off here, which is a BUST! but i wanted snow. so we went to the mountains! soon we'll live in this snowy bliss... can't wait for what 2013 has in store for us! Also, BC Ambulance is giving Emrhubs an interview, their setting one up now for him :) so will keep you posted on that!

Friday, December 14, 2012

things i've been making + opinions!

lately i've been pretty jewellery obessed. i love making things so i ordered all supplies and made this items... which i love. 

the ring below i made for my friend (BFF) for christmas, i think it will right up her alley. 
paris in the snow. there is a tiny bit of snow in the globe that sits around the Eiffel tower :) i have two others that i will likely sell. if you want one they are $35. 

the below necklace i made for myself. but i'm seriously thinking of starting a jewellery line! i love making this stuff so much and making simple, delicate and one of kind items :) this necklace is on a long silver chain. which i made as well! let me know what you think of this stuff!! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

gotta have faith.

well... what would life be without it's ups and downs... here goes the worst and best day of the month year.

so we finally hear back after 6 months from my hubby's insurance company from work, they decided they don't have enough evidence of stress to book him off (which is ridiculous because he was assaulted...) but fine. okay, it's a mess... as they jerk us around, we can have his sick benefits to cover it, that will have to do. so we got this news, while he was at school. yes, great right? then i walk up stairs. I stopped and I say "jeez, world. you better do something to make up for this." I walk downstairs and my hubby is smiling, because he got an email from BC Ambulance for an interview. yes, we'll have to figure out our finances till we get a cheque from our benefits, which could be up to a month but... is that not weird? what i said and then i came downstairs to him and that email.

i think i learned something today... it dosn't matter what the world throws at you, you need to keep going. quite literally know it's going to be ok. trust it will be.

yes, we don't know if it will be, he's only got an interview but to me, that means alot. and you may not think it. but it really does. because that email could have gotten sent yesterday or tomorrow or two weeks from now but it was sent today.

this whole year has been like this. the hardest year of our life. and I know, I KNOW, 2013 will the turning point. the year for us. the best for the rest of our life. this is all happening for a reason and it will all work out. you just gotta have faith.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

just like that.

sometimes i feel like a sitting duck. a duck that's siting. and doing, but no one is seeing. i push myself so hard to be what i want, what i've dreamt of for my whole life. how a few things i have will somehow turn my life into what i thought it always would be. i think of all im doing. how i'm doing it. trying, reaching, climbing.
i remember when i was a kid i would just dream. dream everything. dream of my house, my car, my husband, my kids, my life, my goals... all i did was daydream. i still feel like i'm in a daydream. each day i still daydream. can i get there? will i get there? what do i do?

So i keep going. hoping. i can't loose hope. i can't slow down. people will see that. people will notice. so how do i do it? how i keep going and keep being myself. to let me everyone see the real me. my quirks and flaws?

i'm not trained in anything. i went to high school, i graduated. i met my hubby and had babies. i spent my teenage years in a rock band and riding horses. i had my grandparents push me to do art and i kept a few things close to me dear. i moved away from my mom at 17, and wasn't spoken too for nearly two in half years because of it.

i look back and think, wow, my life is just how i pictured but not at the same time and still, i feel like i've done SO much, but nothing at the same time. i have this insane, consuming drive to keep doing, keep pushing even when people call me down. even though that's hard and i hate it. i keep going. push past the bullcrappy to the goodcrappy... this tonight, this message inspired me to keep going.

thank you.

Bella! I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you, your are SO Impressive!
I have one child, and two cats (and they are pretty much self-sufficient!!) and can barely keep my house clean lol. You, have two kiddos, dogs, a horse...and you are shooting (photography) and writing away. Very inspiring! and just wanted you to know. I am looking forward to reading the series  take care!

read my book?

there's a point in life where you need to let things go. i have officially let go of my characters, my book, my life that i had seemly wrapped up into it. i decided to publish my book on 
to me, the application and readability is awesome. you can download the app on your iphone and it reads like an ebook! 

this was a big step for me. one i had to take. or felt i needed to. to put it all out there and not be afraid anymore. 

and you can comment your thoughts. 

WARNING: there will be minor grammatical errors as it's not been through a real editor just my eyes a few times. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


tonight emrhub's paramedic buddy from school is coming over for supper. we have friends over for supper all the time, i'm never nervous or not know what to make. crap you'd think I was going on a first date! haha.
likely because I have only heard about all his friends and not met any yet. so what am I gonna make two paramedics-to-be for supper? and apparently this guy is very similar to my hubby, loves guts and guns and big trucks.

in the marinating stages/ prep stages still...

Emrhubs's IV Exam results...

Just got a text from emrhubs...
He passed his IV Exam with 84% !!!
This was the first of the 3 most important exams in the course!
We're so proud of you huney!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

our fifteen buck christmas tree.

today we went and got our christmas tree and today emrhubs got his results from his EMR licensing and he passed :D and got his license! he'll be updating hic BC Ambulance application on monday!
yay emrhubs!

glory of involuntarily fifteen dollar christmas tree bliss! 

emrhubs cuting down our bargain tree. 

emrhubby taking the tree off the lot!

so this is what a fifteen dollar nobel tree looks like  as a christmas tree. emrhubs calls is weird. i love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

today was simple.

these are a couple of photos taken while we did our christmas photos. 
you'll notice some changes to the blog, i'm working on updating photos! 
hope your week is going good! we are so northern people at heart... we can't wait to move! 

mmm my paramedic of a hubby. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

he's invisible to the sleeping eye...

that was the fastest birthday party yet... yep, my husband slept through half of it, at our friends house, as kids climbed on him... after he convinced me we should go, as you know, he was almost sleeping again... he is now in bed. SLEEPING.

i guess in all fairness he's now got the same stomach flu we had, luckily it's 24 hours... but still, where's my husband? oh, he's home just not visible! ha!

but this is.... on my counter top... that's visible... ugh.... that'd be hub's practice stuff.... :s